With only 11 years left to cut global emissions in half to prevent the potentially detrimental consequences of climate change (United Nations, 2018, para 5), sustainability should be everyone’s favourite word. 

With many individuals and environments already suffering from “more extreme weather, rising sea levels and diminishing Arctic sea ice” (Panmao Zhai, 2018, para 2) education and the promotion of everyday sustainable practices should be considered of top priority.

As consumers it is vital that we are discussing and pushing for businesses to prioritise sustainability and sustainable practices. From refusing plastic straws to making sustainable fashion choices we each have the power to drive change and combat the course of climate change before it is too late.


I think this advert is intriguing in the way it portrays a tone of voice without using any actual dialogue. Through the use of fast paced, juxtaposed film clips a sense of urgency and trepidation is developed. The background music, beginning softly and quietly before building to a quick rhythm assists in emphasising this sense of urgency. The final few frames, where the speed of the music and film clips are slowed, creates a sense of sadness and ultimately a hopeful call to action.

Whilst this ad is not selling or promoting a product it is portraying a very important and relevant issue. The care factor and main benefit predominately being that through sustainability and “consuming with care” (UN Environments, 2015), the health and quality of life of not only the individual but the seven billion other individuals on this planet can be promoted.


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