In the age of Netflix, Stan, Prime and a million other streaming sites, it can be easy to get lost in a void of pretty faces and unsubstantiated messages. Unlike many of my other blog posts this is not an academic assignment, merely an ode to the shows and charters that show real life, real love and have a way of truly shaping our perspectives and pulling at our heart strings.

Some things have a funny way of coming into your life just when you need them, Fleabag has recently been one of those things for me. Based around the hilarious and chaotic life of the protagonist Fleabag, this show explores loss, grief, guilt, love, lust, family and faith.

In the sea of plastic pumped faces and ‘perfect’ people who dominate most modern television, Fleabag stands out as a real human being with flaws, wit and an abundance of personality. Fleabag is fierce and feminine in a way that is both relatable and admirable and as a viewer you truly cannot help but fall in love with her messy and chaotic little world.

This show somehow manages to explore dark topics of death, grief and guilt through humour, while not diminishing the severity and lasting impact these emotions have on individuals and families. Finding light, comedy and hope in the darkest of topics, including illness and addiction.

Perhaps one of the most unexpectedly charming and disorienting features of this program is the realistic and vulnerable characters it portrays. The cast is not made up of models (with the exception of the hot priest of course) but of relatable people, who are messy, lost and afraid. Trying to find hope and meaning in their muddled and messed up little worlds.  

I was honestly surprised by the intense love, respect and rage I felt towards these characters. Fleabag managed to fill and break my heart in more ways than I could have imagined and I cannot recommend this program enough. So please do yourself a favour and watch this show. Let yourself laugh and cry as you make your way through what Fleabag so aptly describes as “a love story”, but one that is not based primarily around a romance but upon the search for family, friendship and ones self.

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