Piktochart Review

Using the infographic maker Piktochart I was able to create a simplistic, colourful infographic with relative ease. The website provided multiple templates and colour schemes to work with, including various images and icons. Overall I enjoyed my use of Piktochart, finding the website relatively easy to use.


The template provided tips along the way for ways in which to engage the audience, including recommended text size and paragraph length for scanning readers. Graphs and maps were easy to personalise with edit tools and fairly detailed instructions. Colour schemes were easy to edit and the colours of provided icons could be tailored to suit the users chosen colour scheme.


I have few criticisms for this website. As a user it would have been nice if the pictures provided by Piktochart could be altered with various colour filters such as black and white. It also would have been interesting to be able to include interactive elements in the infographic. For example when editing the infographic the world map had an interactive element that showed the population of various countries when hovered over by the cursor. When finalised and downloaded this interactive element is no longer present. As a viewer I think this would have been a very engaging aspect that would promote audience enjoyment and engagement.

Overall I think this website will serve as a great recourse in the future. For a free program that was easy to use and personalise, I would definitely recommend it to other students and public relations practitioners.

Now it’s time for you to try yourself, head to Piktochart or check out the video below for a quick YouTube tutorial!


Piktochart Tutorial, Youtube, Piktochart video, 28 January 2017, retrieved 26 May 2019,

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